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Five October Yarn Bombs that Colored the World

Share the joy:Yarn Bomb for Marriage Equality Hobart, Australia: The Yarnbomb for YES project involves Australians who show their support for the LGBTIQ+ community and equal rights for all Australians “in a fun, tangible,...

Yarnbombed Boat in La Herradura, Spain 2

12 Epic Yarnbombs You Just HAVE to See!

Share the joy:You just HAVE to see these epic yarnbombs! Hours of research have gone into this article with one (well, okay, two) key goals in mind: to find yarnbombs that most of you...


12 Crochet Projects Made with Plarn (Yarn Made from Plastic Bags)

Share the joy:And now I want to try it! Everything you are about to see here was made with plarn: yarn made from plastic bags. The benefits of using plarn are many. Plastic bags...

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