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Crocheted The pushmi-pullyu (Tragus januali) by Artist Elaine Bradford 0

Crocheted Pushmi-Pullyu by Crochet Artist Elaine Bradford

Share the joy:“The Pushmi-Pullyu (Tragus januali) inhabits the Sierra Colorado, an arid, sub-alpine region of the Sidereal.” –Artist Elaine Bradford, the creator of this crocheted pushmi-pullyu. (source) Doctor Dolittle was the first Western explorer...

Knit Strawberries by Liz Taylor and Friends 0

Knitted Strawberries by Liz Taylor and Friends

Share the joy:The genius behind this collaborative knitted strawberries project is Liz Taylor of Whaplode, Lincolnshire. (source) She and some friends, part of a knitters’ group at The Wool Bar, their local yarn shop...

“Expiration d’un silence organique” by Artist Emmanuelle Loison 2

The Fabulous Freedom and Forms of Freeform Crochet

Share the joy:What is Freeform? Freeform is the freedom to create without a pattern, deviate from a pattern or patterns, and combine crochet, knit, fabric, and other mediums – usually textiles – in innumerable ways, shapes,...

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