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Crocheted Captain America Costume 2

12 Crochet Costumes That Will Knock Your Crocheted Socks Right Off!

These creative and cute (or both) crochet costumes will knock your socks off! From crocheted dinosaur costumes to movie-inspired costumes from Brave and Frozen, this is some impressive crochet talent. Crocheter Veronica Knight made this...

Hot Air Balloon Costume 0

These are the Most Absurdly Adorable, Crazy Cute Kids’ Costumes EVER!

Some of these adorably cute kids’ costumes are DIY! If instructions were provided, I included the link. For the costumes where there were no instructions, I hunted around looking for the best instructions instructions I...


12 Shut-the-Front-Door Halloween Ideas

No, I mean it. Shut the front door.   I don’t care if it’s Halloween, SHUT THE DAMN DOOR! Nope. Nope, nope, nope. Nope.   A (slightly) smaller version of this at the house would...

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