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Yarnbombed Boat in La Herradura, Spain 2

12 Epic Yarnbombs You Just HAVE to See!

You just HAVE to see these epic yarnbombs! Hours of research have gone into this article with one (well, okay, two) key goals in mind: to find yarnbombs that most of you have never...

The Sock Monkey Knit Dress by Rebecca Yaker 0

Knitters Be Crazy Too: The Sock Monkey Dress… and Chair… and…?!

The Sock Monkey Dress has created quite a bit of media buzz. It looks to be quite a yarnbuster! But there’s more… much more! The following Sock Monkey pieces are the work of Rebecca Yaker,...

Dolce Tote by Dora Ohrenstein 0

You’ve Got Bags, M’Dear! 12 Amazing Crocheted Bags

Beautiful crocheted bags ranging from designer fashion to casual fun. Where a crochet pattern was available, the link is included. Freeform Crochet Bag Crocheters Anonymous© has many extraordinarily talented members, and Analucia is one...

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