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The Sock Monkey Knit Dress by Rebecca Yaker 0

Knitters Be Crazy Too: The Sock Monkey Dress… and Chair… and…?!

Share the joy:The Sock Monkey Dress has created quite a bit of media buzz. It looks to be quite a yarnbuster! But there’s more… much more! The following Sock Monkey pieces are the work of...

Dolce Tote by Dora Ohrenstein 0

You’ve Got Bags, M’Dear! 12 Amazing Crocheted Bags

Share the joy:Beautiful crocheted bags ranging from designer fashion to casual fun. Where a crochet pattern was available, the link is included. Freeform Crochet Bag Crocheters Anonymous© has many extraordinarily talented members, and Analucia...

“Expiration d’un silence organique” by Artist Emmanuelle Loison 2

The Fabulous Freedom and Forms of Freeform Crochet

Share the joy:What is Freeform? Freeform is the freedom to create without a pattern, deviate from a pattern or patterns, and combine crochet, knit, fabric, and other mediums – usually textiles – in innumerable ways, shapes,...

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