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Dolce Tote by Dora Ohrenstein 0

You’ve Got Bags, M’Dear! 12 Amazing Crocheted Bags

Beautiful crocheted bags ranging from designer fashion to casual fun. Where a crochet pattern was available, the link is included. Freeform Crochet Bag Crocheters Anonymous© has many extraordinarily talented members, and Analucia is one...

“Expiration d’un silence organique” by Artist Emmanuelle Loison 2

The Fabulous Freedom and Forms of Freeform Crochet

What is Freeform? Freeform is the freedom to create without a pattern, deviate from a pattern or patterns, and combine crochet, knit, fabric, and other mediums – usually textiles – in innumerable ways, shapes, sizes, and...


Freeform Crochet Artist Karin Kempf

“Karin Kempf’s work brings together the exotic and the common by the manipulation of fabrics and the use of colour. Her main interest lies in investigating shape and texture and exploring various compositions within her designs.” (Cork Textiles...

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