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14 Insane (but True) Facts about Crocheters

Share the joy:Crocheters are an interesting bunch. Some are twisted, others loopy. Few are spun from the same cloth, but there are traits common to nearly every crocheter. Completely insane, but true. Crocheters have stashes. Sometimes...


Never Say This to a Crocheter

Share the joy:Never say any of these to a crocheter! Here’s the list of the top 12 things you should never say to a crocheter, crafter, or artist (or if you do, be ready to...


Crocheter Irene Lundgaard Remembered

Share the joy:Crocheter and knitter Irene Lundgaard was skilled in a wide variety of crochet techniques that she also taught: classical, Tunisian, freeform, and tapestry crochet as well as Continental and Fair Isle style knitting....

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