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From "12 Insane (but True) Things about Crocheters" at crochetersanonymous.com 2

14 Insane (but True) Facts about Crocheters

Crocheters are an interesting bunch. Some are twisted, others loopy. Few are spun from the same cloth, but there are traits common to nearly every crocheter. Completely insane, but true. Crocheters have stashes. Sometimes they covet...


Tremendously Terrific Tapestry Crochet

At its most basic, tapestry crochet is traditional crochet using more than one color of yarn, but it typically means that colors are switched back and forth to create motifs (patterns, images in the resulting...


20 Crochet Ideas for Home

Interesting, beautiful, and fun crochet ideas (plus some patterns) for a happy home Many of these would make wonderful housewarming, student, and present exchange gifts, too! Case for iPad, Kindle, and other types of...

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