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Crochet Minion Slippers for Men and Women by Vlatko Kostadinovski 0

15 Christmas Gifts You Can Crochet in Less Than One Day

Create a lasting gift in less than a day? Sure you can! With these 15 crochet patterns that you can crochet in less than a day, you can create crochet stocking stuffers, scarves, shawls,...

Danaan's Turkish Bazaar afghan based on Sophie's Garden by Dedri Uys 0

15 Patterns for the Adventurous Crocheter

Some are advanced crochet patterns, others have multiple colors or are unusual in some other way. If you’re looking for a crocheting adventure, it’s likely you’ll find it here! Crochet Overlay Mandala No. 4...

From "12 Insane (but True) Things about Crocheters" at crochetersanonymous.com 2

14 Insane (but True) Facts about Crocheters

Crocheters are an interesting bunch. Some are twisted, others loopy. Few are spun from the same cloth, but there are traits common to nearly every crocheter. Completely insane, but true. Crocheters have stashes. Sometimes they covet...

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