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Tunisian Entrelac Crochet Diamonds Tutorials

Share the joy:Have you tried tunisian crochet yet? I was surprised at how easy it was (is), and it was also a surprise to find that I didn’t necessarily need tunisian crochet hooks to...

The Velvet Acorn 0

Featured Shop: The Velvet Acorn

Share the joy: “I am self-taught in everything that I do,” says Heidi May, owner of The Velvet Acorn, a shop featuring luxurious, nature-inspired knit and crochet patterns. “I grew up showing horses, and...


Fall Inspiration in Knit and Crochet

Share the joy:Whether you’re into crafting, knitting or crochet, you’re sure to find inspiration in these great designs!   Inspired by the netflix series Marco Polo, this handmade crochet scarf has an interplay of...

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