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A whimsical, Dr. Suess-like covering has blanketed the Village Green for the past two weeks, causing passersby to stop and snap photos of the well-dressed tree branches, benches and lamp posts. 0

Mom Yarnbombs for National Women’s History Month! (March 10-20th)

LOS ANGELES, March 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — In celebration of National Women’s History Month, DIY expert Michelle Villemaire ( brings art to public spaces by YARNBOMBING Los Angeles! On March 10th, Michelle and...


Mother India’s Crochet Queens (MICQ) Group Work to Crochet World’s Longest Scarf

Mother India’s Crochet Queens (MICQ) group initiated by Chennai-based Subashri Natarajan came together for one more Guinness Record attempt for the world’s longest scarf. Last year, Mother India Crochet Queens entered into The Guinness...

Kat Dennings Talks About Her Knitting Club with Ellen 0

Kat Dennings Starts Knitting Club With MMA Fighter Ronda Rousey

“2 Broke Girls” star Kat Dennings is definitely a chock-full of surprises. The actress recently revealed that she has started her own knitting club with MMA fighter Ronda Rousey, and they’ve decided to name...

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