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Halloween Horror Tutorial: Creating a Realistic Cocooned Spider Victim

Share the joy: Creating a Realistic Cocooned Spider Victim for Halloween The following tutorial was posted by “Grim” at Grimvisions in 2009 and the link expired in 2016. The following is a repost of...


Five October Yarn Bombs that Colored the World

Share the joy:Yarn Bomb for Marriage Equality Hobart, Australia: The Yarnbomb for YES project involves Australians who show their support for the LGBTIQ+ community and equal rights for all Australians “in a fun, tangible,...


45 Fun, Adorable, & Unique Halloween Crochet Patterns

Share the joy:Here are some of the most adorable, creative, and unique Halloween crochet patterns you’ll find this season! Use these crochet (and a couple of knitting) patterns as inspiration for your Halloween and fall...

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