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Crochet Baby Dragon with Polymer Clay Dragon Egg

Share the joy:How many works of crochet have you seen that are as extraordinary as this little crochet dragon tucked in its egg? It’s the creation of Kridah from Norway. Kridah refers to herself...


45 Fun, Adorable, & Unique Halloween Crochet Patterns

Share the joy:Here are some of the most adorable, creative, and unique Halloween crochet patterns you’ll find this season! Use these crochet (and a couple of knitting) patterns as inspiration for your Halloween and fall...


12 Awesome Gifts that Crocheters and Knitters REALLY Want (and Why)

Share the joy:What kinds of gifts do crocheters, knitters, and crafters really want that they may not buy for themselves? Tons of things! A lot of these gifts are things we crocheters and knitters...

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