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5 Must-See Crocheters

Check out these 5 must-see crocheters. From innovative to elegant, they lead the pack in terms of quality and popularity. Heidi May of The Velvet Acorn Heidi is a master of both crochet and knit,...

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Time for a Chocolate Fix: Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies

Here’s a yummy, quick cookie recipe that I just made up and tested. These would be good if baked brownie-style, too. We like the extra crispy edges that tree cookie version offers. Chocolate Oatmeal...


These Costumes Prove Crafters Win Halloween!

Before you sit down to enjoy these costumes that prove crafters win Halloween, get your coffee or tea and perhaps some rations. It took me forever to write this because I kept looking, and looking, and...

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