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Halloween Horror Tutorial: Creating a Realistic Cocooned Spider Victim

Share the joy: Creating a Realistic Cocooned Spider Victim for Halloween The following tutorial was posted by “Grim” at Grimvisions in 2009 and the link expired in 2016. The following is a repost of...


Over 40 “Get That THING Away From Me!” Halloween Ideas

Share the joy:Here are over 40 timeless Halloween ideas and DIY projects. Planning a haunted house this year? From spiders to pumpkins to scary scarecrows, here are tons of ideas for your costumes, home,...


12 Awesome Gifts that Crocheters and Knitters REALLY Want (and Why)

Share the joy:What kinds of gifts do crocheters, knitters, and crafters really want that they may not buy for themselves? Tons of things! A lot of these gifts are things we crocheters and knitters...

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