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One of the missions of Crocheters Anonymous© is to support fellow crocheters, knitters, yarnbombers, crafters, artists, and bloggers via its website, Facebook pages, groups, etc. 

How can you earn money as a crocheter or other crafter/artist or blogger? Focus on what you can do and can accomplish. There are lots of people out there who are, right now, earning a living solely via their crafts, artwork, or blogs. At the same time, there are tons tortoise vs. the hareof folks who’ve failed, and – unfortunately – they’re more common and often quick to tell you you’ll fail, too. Focus on what you want, and take the steps to get there. Be logical and practical, by all means, and keep expenses as low as you can in the startup phase, but stay positive! You’ll notice that many of those who’ve become successful are the tortoises in the eponymous race of the .

  • Set up an email account and phone number specific to your business
    • Google email and Google Voice are both free, and separating your craft-related emails and phone calls from your personal ones will become more and more important as you grow. Do it now, and save yourself the transition! The great thing about Google Voice is, if you’re an introvert like me, you rarely have to talk with anyone because voice messages are automatically translated to written text for you. It’s a wonderful thing to have!
  • Get business cards printed with your name, specialty (crochet, knit, polymer clay, etc.), email address, and phone number. Leave those puppies everywhere you can! Doctors’ offices, friends, restaurants (leave your card with a good tip!), local shops, lunch drawings, etc.
  • Connect with local higher-end boutiques and consignment shops and arrange for them to either carry your pieces or allow you some shop space in return for a percentage of your sales. 
  • Enter your works in craft, art, county, and state fairs. Be sure to display your business contact information and offer your business cards wherever allowed.
  • Every single time you give away or sell a piece, include two business cards and ask the recipient to share them with people they think might also like your work. Network!
  • Sell your works on Etsy, Ebay, or Amazon
  • Write patterns for your designs and sell them on Etsy, Craftsy, Ravelry, Amazon, and your own website.
  • Blog about crochet, knit, crafts, and/or art and earn money through affiliate relationships with Etsy, Craftsy, Ebay Partner Network, Amazon (scroll to the bottom, and click “Become an Affiliate”), and other programs.


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