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One of the missions of Crocheters Anonymous© is to support and promote crocheters, crafters, artists, and fellow bloggers. Use our Submit an Article form to tell our visitors about a great work of crochet or other fiber art, a notable crocheter, knitter, or other artist, or anything else relevant to the worlds of crochet, knit, fiber arts, and beyond. You can also use the Contact Us form to tell us about a work or a person that you’d like for us to post about (hint: we love yarnbombs!).

Meanwhile, we have a professionals group on Facebook that you can join to network with other crocheters, knitters, yarnbombers, crafters, and artists.

For those of you with websites, Crocheters Anonymous© uses and recommends Bluehost for purchasing domain names and hosting, WordPress (available through Bluehost), and the theme we use here is a free one (available via WordPress through Bluehost) called Hueman (special thanks to The 47ers for recommending this theme).

How can you support yourself as a crocheter?

  • Get business cards with your name, a phone number, and an email address where you can be contacted specifically about your craft.
  • Getting a gmail email account and a Google Voice phone number is free and easy (that’s what I’ve done), and it helps you segment your work life from your personal life.
  • Leave your card everywhere! Shops, local drawings, pinboards for business cards, everyone you meet (within reason).
  • Connect with local higher-end consignment shops and boutiques about carrying your finished pieces. Write down the steps you take in remaking one of your own designs and make that into a written pattern that you can sell.
  • Enter your works at nearby craft and county fairs, and be sure to display information on how to contact you directly as well as your business cards if the venue allows for it.
  • Sell your works on Etsy.
  • Get a web address ( is a web address, for example) specific to your crochet business (usually the same name as your Etsy shop). You don’t have to blog or anything, you can just have that web address redirect visitors right to your Etsy shop. The key thing here is that you’ll have possession of that domain name so that no one else can get it, and if you decide later to create your own blog and/or shop, you won’t have to worry that the domain that you want has already been purchased by someone else.

Business Support Resources

Bluehost is a top-rated place to register and host your own web domain. Crocheters Anonymous© uses Bluehost.

Affiliate Window is an affiliate network where you can sign up to earn money by sharing links to Etsy and other online merchants on your website, Facebook, and your other blogs and social media account.

ShareaSale is another affiliate network where you can sign up to promote Craftsy, Annie’sAnnie, and other online merchants in return for a small percentage of the sales that result from clicks on your links.

Twitter Valet is a tool that locates the most optimal Twitter followers for you by analyzing characteristics of your account and those of your peers and competitors. Use their Discover feature to look up your Twitter peers and competitors by user name or keyword. I signed up for the free 10 follows per day, but there are higher-level plans available at various price points.

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