Yarnbomb of the Nieuwegein Curl

Frontal view of the yarnbombed Curl
Frontal view5

The Curl of the Market (De Krul op de Markt) in Nieuwegein was the subject of a massive yarnbomb in December of 2001.

De Krul op de Markt
De Krul op de Markt9

Nieuwegein is dedicated to art and culture because their philosophy is to attract people on its merits rather than “pulling” them in. They focus on large pieces like the Curl, which is the main symbol of Nieuwegein.1,5

Preparation for the Yarnbomb

This yarnbomb was the grand finale of Breispoor (Knit Graffiti), a nearly month-long urban knitting of the Nieuwegein municipality that began on November 5.

The full project included around 90 overall knitters, crocheters, quilters, and embroiderers (joined by a stray shopper here and there who jumped in to help) of ages from 8 to 80 who participated in the project.2,4,6

A group photo of the crafters taken at one of the weekly knit-ins.
A group photo of the crafters taken at one of the weekly knit-ins.6

Beginning in October 2010, participants of the Curl yarnbomb created pieces at home and met weekly for “knit-in” groups.6

The model of the curl used for the yarnbomb
The model of the curl used for the yarnbomb8

A 1:1 model had been created in order to test the fit.8

A crafter sews pieces of the yarnbomb together
A crafter stitches pieces of the yarnbomb together8

The stitching together of the blanket took two weeks.8

Happy crafters pose on the finished yarnbomb.
Happy crafters pose on the finished yarnbomb.8

The completed blanket contained around 300 individual pieces that were knitted, crocheted, quilted, and/or embroidered into six huge pieces.8

Yarnbomb Day

Yarnbomb Installation (alt)
Yarnbombers begin to gather at 6am. A few pieces have been installed, probably as a test.6

It was very cold on the morning of December 1, 2010, but that did not deter the 13 early birds who gathered at De Krul op de Markt (Curl on the Market) in Nieuwegein to install the completed blanket.5,6

Scaffolding was put up so that the yarnbomb installers could access the upper sections
Scaffolding is assembled.6

Like the 40 or so other Breispoor (Knit Graffiti) projects that had been installed on November 5, the yarnbomb of the Curl was a secret until it was installed.5,6

Installation of the Yarnbomb
Installing sections of the Curl yarnbomb6

The entire yarnbomb blanket was over 40 meters (about 43 yards) long.8

Yarnbomber Keeping Warm
A yarnbomber keeps warm while steeping back to assess the project.6
Yarnbombers at about the halfway point of the yarnbomb installation
Yarnbombers at about the halfway point of the yarnbomb installation5

Installing the yarnbomb onto the Curl took about 12 hours.8

Closeup of Yarnbomb Installation
A yarnbomber shifts a section of the Curl’s huge blanket.6

One of the crafters (Marjon) commented that biggest memory of the project was of  the feeling of unity amongst the large group who worked together on this monumental yarnbomb.6

Yarnbomb of the Nieuwegein Curl Finished!

Participants cheer the completion of the yarnbomb.
Participants cheer the completion of the yarnbomb.6

Journalist Miranda van Keulen from the provincial newspaper AD Utrecht New Leaf commented that the collaborative and eco-friendly trend of urban knitting that originated in and has overtaken America is now coming over to her country.

And we think that makes this yarnbomb project “One Dandy Day” too.4

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Final Notes

The yarnbomb was dismantled in early February, 2011. The pieces were carefully cut off then cropped for donation to a charity benefiting orphans in Romania.6

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