Coupons, Discounts, Clearance, and Free Shipping Deals on Yarn and Supplies

Yarn and Craft Supplies on Clearance at Craftsy

It’s a new year and time to stock up while there are great deals on yarn and supplies!

There are a lot of great deals and specials on yarn and supplies happening right now. Here are some of the better ones I found.
Have fun, and let us know if you score an awesome deal on something you’ve been wanting!

Craftsy Yarn, Supplies, and Classes:

I usually end up finding the best prices for yarn at Craftsy.

Craftsy’s Cascade Ultra Pima Cotton is my go-to yarn. It shows your stitches in great detail, so it’s especially good when you are working with pretty stitches like a hdc and is absolutely wonderful for lace work on borders, shawls, scarves, hats, etc. It’s machine-washable, and I’ve even put pieces in the dryer with success.

Each hank is 220 yards, so you end up with nearly double the yarn that you get from other stores for the same or lower price.

Cascade Ultra Pima Cotton Yarn

Here are a couple of projects I’ve made with the Cascade Ultra Pima Cotton yarn:

The Edwardian/Victorian Romance Shawl made with Cascade Ultra Pima Cotton


Windows in the Sky Shawl made withCascade Ultra Pima Cotton

If you like a super soft, luxurious-feeling yarn that’s still machine washable and easy care, washable merino wool is the way to go. I’m sensitive to wool and can’t wear many types of it, but I can wear merino and I love it.

Cloudborn Superwash Merino at Craftsy

And here are a couple of projects I’ve stitched using machine-washable merino wool:

The Gavin Beanie and Connor’s Wristers made with washable merino wool yarn

Check out all yarn and craft supplies on clearance at Craftsy. Have fun!

Yarn and Craft Supplies on Clearance at Craftsy

KnitPicks Yarn and Supplies

I have ordered from KnitPicks before and been very happy. DO make sure, though, to compare the number of yards and price with Craftsy and other sites when shopping for yarn. I once ordered Cascade Ultra Pima Cotton because I thought I was getting a lower price, but I hadn’t paid attention to the yardage and found that I’d ordered 100-yard hanks rather than the 220-yard ones that I normally order from Craftsy.


Darn Good Yarn

Darn Good Yarn has some neat finished products like yarn bowls, skirts, and more in addition to yarn. New customers get 15% off, and you can check out what’s on clearance here.

Darn Good Yarn Clearance

Leisure Arts Yarn, Supplies, Patterns, and More

Leisure Arts has a warehouse clearance sale with up to 75% off on some items.

Leisure Arts Warehouse Sale

Etsy Handmade and Supplies

You can find a lot of wonderful finished items on Etsy, of course, but there are also many boutique yarn spinners who make and sell beautiful yarns made of alpaca and other luxurious fibers. If your goal is to find a discount or free shipping, use this link or click the banner below:

Etsy Discounts and Free Shipping

Amazon has an incredible variety of products, and there are lots of yarns to choose from. My husband ordered some beautiful Andean Sun baby alpaca yarn for me from Amazon last year, and the only other place that I was able to find it was on Etsy (I didn’t see any on Etsy when I checked during the writing of this post, fyi).

Happy new year, and I hope you find some great deals and have a great time replenishing your stashes!


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