Never Say This to a Crocheter


Never say any of these to a crocheter!

Here’s the list of the top 12 things you should never say to a crocheter, crafter, or artist (or if you do, be ready to run).*

  1. “I’ll just get my friend to make me one of those.”
  2. “You know what you should make . . . ”
    • “Oh, are you willing to buy it?” -Chanel
  3. “Do I get a price break if I buy two?”
    • “I don’t know, do you get a price break at Walmart for buying more than 1?” -Wendie
  4. “I can make that myself.”
    • “Really!? I would love to see what you have made.” -Chanel
  5. “Why does it cost so much?”
  6. “How do you make this?”
    • With my hands” -Carla
  7. “Will you donate your artwork to our event? We can’t pay you, but it will be great exposure.”
    • “People die of exposure…” -Nic
  8. “My nine-year-old makes this kind of stuff too.”
  9. “Kids, this is what happens if you don’t go to college.”
  10. “I can buy that at Walmart for $3.99.”
  11. “Do you really need that much yarn?”
  12. “Wouldn’t it be easier to do it another way?”

What our crocheters said:

“In real life I would smile sweetly and walk away…probably shaking my head…” -Orion

“I don’t even know what to say. Each one of them is more outrageous than the next”. -Wendie

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Special thanks to Crocheters Anonymous© members Chanel, Nic, Orion, Wendie, and Carla for contributing to this article.

*Inspired by “TOP TEN THINGS NOT TO SAY TO AN ARTIST OR CRAFTER” from Artist and Craft Fair Insurance (ACT),

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