How to Make Yarn from Plastic Bags (Plarn)


Here are the basic steps for 2-ply Plarn:
Flatten and smooth a plastic bag
Fold in half lengthwise
Fold in half lengthwise again
Cut off the bottom
Cut off the top loops

Now you have a folded rectangle

Cut into 1/2 or 1-in strips, depending upon the plastic’s strength.
If the bag is thin, cut larger, 1-in strips.
If the bag is strong, you can cut smaller, 1/2-in strips.

Click here to see Rachel Schell’s excellent tutorial
Once you’ve practiced a few times, you can stack several (about five, or whatever your scissors can handle) folded and cut them all at once.

Lather, rinse, repeat!

How to Make 2-ply Plarn, Speedy Style

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