Dog Sweaters, Cat Costumes, and More Projects for Pets


From clever and cute to completely cra-cra, you’ll find some of the trendiest, nerdiest, and funniest crochet and crafts for dogs and cats here!


Cold Weather Sweaters and Jumpers for Dogs

My dog vibrates when the temperature drops below 60 degrees, and we avoid running any heat for as long as possible, so it’s important that she’s protected from the elements inside and outside.

The easiest, least expensive solution is to take an old sweatshirt or sweater and repurpose it into two (yes, TWO!) dog sweaters for her.


Upcycle it

DIY Dog Sweater2 DIY Dog Sweater
Sew Delish has some very simple, no-sew instructions on how to upcycle a sweatshirt into a dog sweater

DIY Upcycled Dog Sweater

Here’s the way I make mine…


Pebbles in DIY Dog Sweater

And here’s the end result. It took less than 5 minutes, and she’s much more comfortable.


Knit it

Knit Dog Jumper Sweater

The Juno Jumper
knitting instructions


Christmas Dog Sweater Pattern

knitting pattern


Dog Sweater Knitting Pattern

Dog sweater (lambs too!)
knitting pattern by Kristin Nicholas


Crochet it

Sock Monkey Dog Sweater

Sock Monkey Dog Sweater
Crochet Pattern


Sailor Dog Crochet Pattern

Maddi’s Sailor Dog Sweater
Crochet Pattern


Dog sweater crochet pattern

Suzi by DROPS Design
crochet pattern


Buy it

Zia & Tia’s Organic Hand knit Cable Collar Dog Sweater


Yorkie Dog Shawl

Small Doggy Shawl


East Side Collection Ski Lodge Sweater

East Side Collection Ski Lodge Sweater 


Rain Gear for Dogs

Wet dogs are smelly. And often cold. Blech. I don’t know about yours, but my little dog doesn’t like to go out in the rain to take care of necessary business, so the pack (meaning we humans) has to go outside with her.

You can make a simple, inexpensive dog raincoat with some waterproof fabric, velcro, and sewing supplies.


DIY Dog Raincoat

Instructions for this DIY dog raincoat by Jenny Lee


Westie in a Raincoat

Westie in a raincoat at Eileen Donan Castle. If you’re looking for a similar coat, I found some at Highland Dog and Dog & Co.


Red Polka Dot Dog Raincoat

Polka Dots and Ruffles Raincoat – Red
Dog Raincoat

Dog Raincoat – Purple – Rainbow Line
Dog and Kid Matching Raincoats

Matching Raincoats (source)


Pet Costumes

Kick it up a notch (or ten)

Floyd as Florence Arizona

Floyd is sporting  the “Bashful Blonde”
wig from Kitty Wigs dressed as his alter
ego “Florence Arizona.”


Speaking of Kitty Wigs…

Kitty Wigs Book

Glamourpuss: The Enchanting World of Kitty Wigs, Available on Amazon


Steve Tyler Lookalike Dog

This stylin’ dog looks like a cross between Anthony Bourdain, Steve Tyler, and a female actor I haven’t placed yet. By Candice Cunningham, available as a poster.


Dog Costumes

Hearts Like Lions

Lion Dog Costume by scoochmaroo Lions Mane Small Cat Costume Lion Dog Sweater Pattern
Lion Dog Costume by scoochmaroo
Lions Mane costume by Downunder Dog Designs
King of the Beasts (Lion) Dog Sweater
by Lion Brand Yarn
Knitting Pattern


Swan song?

Bjork Swan Dress Costume

The Bjork Swan Dress costume modeled by Mamma Biscuit. I love the tongue.


Go green!

Chia Pet DIY Dog Costume

The Chia Pet Dog Costume by Stacie Tamaki


Cat Costumes

The cat costumes above are the work of Takako Iwase, whose philosophy regarding costuming cats boils down to:
1. Costuming your cat is necessary. Tell your cat, “this, too, will pass.”
2. Taking a good quality photograph of your costumed cat is important for the prosperity of your family (and cat).
3. Remove your cat’s costume immediately after photographing. Be sure to express proper gratitude to your cat; flood your kitty with praise!
I’ve paraphrased, of course. Perhaps someone versed in Japanese can better translate.


Dog and Cat Sci Fi, Fantasy, and Superhero Costumes

Sci-Fi themed kitten costumes by Wendy Robbins (folkwynd on Flickr)


Harry Potter Cat Toys

Harry Potter inspired catnip toys and cat costume playset


Captain America Crochet Cat Costume Captain America Cat Costume
Captain America Cat Costume Crochet Pattern

The “My Poor Kitty” department at features Fibby the cat (the Fib stands for Focused Ion Beam), who models crochet creations by Riri, a chemist, gamer, cosplayer, and crocheter.


Nighty night!

Dog Bed and Bandana

Dog bed and bandana
crochet pattern



Dog Cat Sweaters Costumes copy



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