Crocheted Pansies – Free Pattern and Graph

Crocheted Pansies by Lydia Gonchar
Crocheted Pansies by Lydia Gonchar

While researching my recent article, “How Does Your Garden Grow?” I discovered these beautiful pansies crafted by Лидия Гончар (Lydia Gonchar).

Crocheted Pansies by Lydia Gonchar
Crocheted Pansies by Lydia Gonchar

These were the prettiest and most vibrant that I found. There were instructions and a graph available, but everything was in Russian! So here is a very (VERY) rough translation of the pattern and a copy of the graph.

Note: I have included links to some other free pansy crochet patterns at the end of this article for reference.


The size of each flower is 5 cm.
For that you need:


PLEASE remember this is mechanically translated with just a few corrections where I could figure them out. There are going to be places where you’ll need to “wing it.”

Flower A

Using yellow yarn, dial [chain] 6 stitches to make a ring and 1 n / a n ​​/ n., and crochet the first round according to Scheme 1 [схема 1 on the graph].

Then start the dark blue thread, as shown by the arrow and crochet according to the second scheme circle. Attention to enter each time the hook only for the front wall of the 1st round.

Then re-start thread of a pale yellow, as shown by the arrow (see graph), and the third circle crochet. Then we will have three petals.

For the fourth and fifth lobes (located below), each time crocheting 3 ct. b / n., extreme in Scheme 1. banded pale yellow thread, as shown in Scheme [схема] 2. Attention in the first row to enter the hook only for the rear wall of the first round.

Flower B

Follow instructions for Flower A, but on the third round use pale yellow thread, and on the third circle – dark blue instead.

Flower C

Follow instructions for Flower A, but on the fourth and fifth petals use dark blue yarn instead.


From light yellow or dark blue yarn dial [chain] 7 stitches to close the ring and 1 n / a n / n and crochet Scheme [схема] 3.

For clarity, this is only part of the circle motif, it is necessary to complete in accordance with the pattern.

Finish up

Flowers and buds of starch, and then spread on artificial stamens stems and secure.


Crocheted Pansy Graph

I hope that you find this helpful and that you will comment as to whether this makes sense to you, share photos of what you make from this pattern, etc.

Have fun!



Pansies By Brenda Myers, April 2010

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Pansy graph and instructions by Danuta Zawadzka


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