These are the Most Absurdly Adorable, Crazy Cute Kids’ Costumes EVER!

Hot Air Balloon Costume
Some of these adorably cute kids’ costumes are DIY! If instructions were provided, I included the link.

For the costumes where there were no instructions, I hunted around looking for the best instructions instructions I could find and shared those.

I also hunted down similar costumes for sale: they’re great for inspiration and a good way to go if you want something cute and quick. Most of the links are my affiliate links from stores where I like to shop.


Bodacious Baby Costumes

DIY Cotton Candy Costume

I would never have thought of making a cotton candy costume, but now I would. Sweet!
Click here for instructions on how to make the cotton candy costume.


Big Bird Baby Costume

This little Big Bird Baby Costume was made entirely from scratch without any patterns. Wowzer!
The Big Bird costumes I found for sale we not that appealing to me, but I did find some other good Sesame Street costumes: Elmo, Cookie Monster, The Count, etc.


King James Halloween Costume

This little King James Costume was handmade using quite a bit of sewing and creativity. I love the way Kendra used a Sharpie to make the white fur look more “royal.” If I did that, it would look like a dalmatian!
Click here to read how she made it.


Spring Chicks Costumes

Check out these adorable little chicks. Tweet tweet!
Buy one or Make one!


Thing1 & Thing2

“From there to here, from here to there, funny things are everywhere!” – Dr. Seuss
Click here for the Thing 1 and Thing 2 wig tutorial: Hop on Pop – Thing 1 & Thing 2 Wig Tutorial or Build Your Own Thing 1, 2 or 3 on Amazon


Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Costume

This adorable Stay Puft Marshmallow Man costume was handmade by Grandma! It looks like she padded an existing oversized outfit and added the blue and red trim.
Click here for an explanation of the making of a somewhat similar Stay Puft costume.


Cute Spaghetti Costume

A red bowl, some yarn, and a few styrofoam balls… Magic!
Tutorial for a different version here.


Humpty Dumpty Costume

What a cute Humpty Dumpty costume, and what a great setting!
Here’s a highly rated, fairly cute version of a Humpty Dumpty costume on Amazon, but Prime shipping is not available.


Terrific Toddler Costumes

Homemade Harry Potter Costume

Often the simplest things are the best. Some Harry Potter glasses, a Gryffindor scarf, a preppy little outfit and a little makeup for the lightning scar and you have a-dor-a-ble!

Get the costume components or make them!
Harry Potter Glasses: Buy them Make them
Gryffindor Scarf: Buy it Crochet it
Gryffindor Socks: Buy them Knit them
Gryffindor Robe: Buy it Sew it


Homemade Monster Costume

Handmade Monsters Inc Costume

This little gal looks like Sulley from Monsters, Inc! Her mom, Jessica, sewed this from scratch, using dragon and panda patterns to guide her. Look at the little spikes on the tail!
Jessica wrote, “It looks a lot like Sully from Monsters, Inc. which wasn’t totally my plan, but I’m OK with. And I’m sorry, but I can’t top this. Ever. I won’t even try.”

DIY Sulley Costume Ready-Made Sulley Costume
Awesome Sulley Costume with Tutorial Sulley Monsters Costume
Make it
I found this AWESOME
Sulley with tutorial
on Instructables
Click here
Buy It
Sulley on Amazon
Click here


Cute Kid Scarecrow Costume

Laurie wrote that this was her best-selling costume, and I can see why! She used three shades of tulle for the skirt, raffia and a sunflower for details, and satin for the halter. And of course, it doesn’t hurt that she had one of the cutest kids ever as her model!


Renaissance Princess Dress

Renaissance Princess Dress
Sew your own or see Renaissance costumes on Amazon


Cute Kid Costumes

Bulldozer Wheelchair Costume
Wheelchair ‘Dozer Costume

Bulldozer Wheelchair Costume Front View
Bulldozer Costume

This incredible bulldozer costume is built for wheeling! It was created using cardboard boxes, some paint, and household basics like paper towels and tape. This little fellow’s wheelchair has a whole new identity!
The project instructions are available on The Bridge School website.


Pink Poodle Homemade Costume

Cute Pink Poodle DIY Costume

Little Molly is going as FIFI, the pink poodle. The creators used pink tulle for the pink “fur” and silver sequins for the collar.


Up Raincloud Costume

Raincloud costume inspired by the movie, “Up.” Look at his shoes!


Field of Flowers DIY Costume
Field of Flowers DIY Costume

Jordan created this DIY Field of Flowers Costume using just a shirt, leggings, a beanie, a glue gun, and some fake dollar store flowers. Wow!
The instructions are on her blog, Oh Happy Day.


DIY R2D2 Costume
DIY R2D2 Costume

Erika of Yellow Pear Photography created this DIY R2D2 costume using poster board, a big silver bowl, construction paper, and duct tape.


House from the movie "Up" Halloween Costume
Photo credit: Sean O’Steen

DIY sources are scant, but from those who’ve made their own Up costumes, the common thread is that they used cardboard boxes and/or pieces. Here’s one example.


DIY Minecraft Costume

This is an AWESOME Minecraft Steve. This kid looks like a walking video-game character! A TNT treat bag would be just the thing to complement this costume.
Upholstery foam from Jo-Ann’s was used to make the pieces, and the head looks like the ones offered on Amazon (the head isn’t mentioned in the description).
Click here to get DIY instructions for the armor, and Click here to get the Minecraft Steve head from Amazon


DIY Fluffy Cloud Costume
DIY Fluffy Cloud Costume

While you’re on Jordan’s blog, hop over and take a look at her DIY Fluffy Cloud Costume.


Hot Air Balloon Costume

Wow. When I first looked at this colorful hot air balloon costume, I thought, “there’s no way I could make that.” Then I zoomed in and looked at each part on its own, and I realized it could be very doable – and inexpensive.

  • The crown looks like it was cut from yellow and red felt – just a band of each cut to within a few inches of the end, then wrapped around the head and fastened.
  • The basked looks like something you could pick up at TJ Maxx. The bottom was cut out, and the thick top and bottom trim looks like black foam pipe insulation – it’s already slotted when you buy it, so you just cut it and fit it on. There are some slits cut just under the rim where some strong ribbon is fed through, probably to equal slits in the back where the other ends of the ribbons are fed through and tied to make the harness.
  • The trickiest part is that frame structure. I can’t tell whether it’s made of wood or superlight metal (or hard plastic). I’d guess metal because of the sheen on the hoop. Take the photo to your home improvement store and ask them to help you figure out what would be light and sturdy enough. I’d worry that the criss-crossed part might bonk her on the head if the structure’s too heavy.
  • I’m sure those paper bags for the “ballast” either have air or something very light in them – fiberfill, maybe some underinflated balloons.
  • The balloon part is just… balloons! Colorful balloons, inflated and tied to the hoops. I don’t see any guides on them, so it must be that they bow naturally based on how far apart those hoops are. I found some 2×60 balloons (I don’t know the size, but 60″ sounds pretty reasonable) that come in a ridiculously awesome number of color combinations on Amazon (click here).

If you have any suggestions on the build for any DIYers who want to try this, please comment! And if you make one, we have to see the photos!

Happy Halloween!


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