12 Shut-the-Front-Door Halloween Ideas


No, I mean it. Shut the front door.


I don’t care if it’s Halloween,


Via Crocheters Anonymous: "Soul Walker...What nightmares are made of"
“Soul Walker…What nightmares are made of”

Nope. Nope, nope, nope. Nope.


Giant Pumpkin Monster
Giant Pumpkin Monster from the movie set for Halloween 2

A (slightly) smaller version of this at the house would probably give the kiddies a thrill.


Realistic Cocooned Spider Victim
Realistic Cocooned Spider Victim

Y’ever notice how some trick-or-treaters like to hang around?


Lilith Halloween Mask
Lilith Halloween Mask

Sorry, door’s stuck. Go away. GO AWAY!


Reaper Halloween Scarecrow
Reaper Halloween Scarecrow for #Terrorland 2014

Yup, ya think it’s just a tree until you wet your pants…


Halloween Legless Walker Granny Zombie
Halloween Legless Walker Granny Zombie
by CreeepyCathy (via Pinterest)

Grandma? The doctor told you to rest. You don’t look so well.


Halloween Horror Gumball Machine2
Geinball Machines by Artist Tom Kuebler

I’m sorry, Mom, I’ll never beg for a gumball again!


Ceiling Monster Halloween
“Combine a scary mask and old wig, an old night gown, and some wire hangers in a person-shape. Suspend it from the ceiling with fishing line. Add cobwebs.” from Ten Epic DIY Halloween Decorations Sure To Make Guests Freak

I’d apply strong tea or coffee to that nightgown to get that aged, ghouly look.


Via Crocheters Anonymous: Warrior Lord Halloween Costume
Warrior Lord Halloween Costume

Dude, I hope you’re not looking for candy, because nobody’s selling.
There’s a gumball machine over there, though…


Rotting Zombie Halloween
Rotting Zombie

You look cold. You should really cover up. Really.


Cthulhu Halloween Costume
Cthulhu Halloween Costume Tutorial by alexthemoviegeek on Instructables

Yeah…. No.

Weeping Angel Costume by Crafty Tardis
Weeping Angel Costume by Crafty Tardis
The Weeping Angel is motionless…
Weeping Angel Costume (2010)
Until you blink.
Photo by JM Coen
Weeping Angel Do Not Blink
Dr. Who fans worldwide understand the terror of blinking in the proximity of a Weeping Angel.
Weeping Angel You Blinked
Don’t Blink. Oops, too late.
(Original Sleeping Angel from Dr. Who)
source and episode info
Weeping Angel Costume (2008)
Crafty Tardis, the creator of this Weeping Angel costume, posted a step-by-step guide on how she made it.

Ok, well she’s amazing. And who’d think something so scary could be so pretty?
It looks like the kid’s handling it ok.
I’d be under a table rocking and moaning myself.

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